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The Digital Trashcan: the inevitable explanation [in words]

I don’t write posts here but I’m making a rare exception.

If you are a regular visitor here (if you’re not, read if you dare), you might have noticed the header change and some hyperlink picture posts with upside down text (for unknown reasons, I feel I should explain).

The original plan was to set-up a separate tumblr called the digital trashcan, which would act as a videogame picture diary for weird free games that I was interested in but had absolutely nothing to write about.

Over the years I have come across ignored games that weren’t finished, were too buggy, too repetitive, unfair or I simply didn’t understand what the hell was going on and it was nagging at me that I had nowhere to give them exposure because I felt they still deserved it.

Long story short, I felt that it made logical sense to make the digital trashcan the other half of oddities, mainly from the perspectives of exposure and growth and that the chosen games are still totally worth a few minutes of your time.

I was going to write some words about other plans but realizing how unmotivated I’ve been feeling lately, I’d rather not let anyone down.

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